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 Founded in 2008, PARTY SETUP is all-India artist management & event management company specializing in the finest local and international talented artist for hire within the art & music industry. Party setup represents a mixture of leading, breakthrough bands & electronic DJ ’s, producers in Delhi, Gurgaon. party setups also offer tailored consultancy services for artist on rent IN DELHI GURUGRAM music programming to some of the best venues in the Delhi, Gurgaon & Faridabad.

party setup has booked and toured International artists like  Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida throughout the Indian club scape, have established party setups not just as a forerunner of the reggae/bass/ electronic music scene in India but also as an extremely professional Artist & Event Management Agency.

Venue Programming:

Venue management was a natural progression to the madness. Artist Provider & ARTIST ON RENT In Delhi ,Gurgaon with direct access to some of the biggest international talent, like magician, tattoo maker, jugglers, Longman, Nail art, Russian Dancer, enviable roster and an ability to draw upon artists on call all across the country – party setup has entered into tie-ups with multiple partners to handle their music, magic & art programming requirements, some as monthly and weekly residencies, some as exclusive  PARTY SETUP programmed events and even some corporate-driven initiatives. PARTY PLANNER curates and hosts monthly & weekly properties at venues like OCEAN PERL Delhi), TLR Cafe (Delhi), Out of the Box (Delhi), TIVOLI (Delhi),. In 2011, PARTY SETUPS  hosted over pre-parties over a span of 60 days all across the country for ARTIST MANAGEMENT SERVIC or ARTIST ON RENT, the largest alternative music festival in Delhi.

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PARTY SETUP  has massive DELHI NCR outreach as well, with multiple partnerships in place to spread their Godzilla size footprint all over India as an artist provider. This includes a  party games and artist for hire strategic tie-up with a local vendor in Delhi NCR, as the official brand promotion and to conceptualize and host the India pre-parties leading up to the festival. Party planner service also has long term ongoing partnerships with the Naziria council, Kenya Embassy in India, Embassy of Norway in Delhi, All South Africa as well as Europe embassy as corporate event in Delhi 


The party planner is also one of the most visible, widely followed promoters in Delhi, Gurgaon, with a panoramic PR plan that encompasses traditional media like radio, newspapers, magazines & music publications, and also new social media platforms like Facebook and there you get artist on call, Twitter and an exclusive mailing list of itinerant followers. Taking the party games provider one step higher is innovative artist guerrilla marketing techniques of artist management, graffiti teasers, sticker campaigns, contest giveaways besides pre & post event promotions like artist interviews, podcasts of mix sets from events, video documentaries, short video promos and tag-able photo galleries of our artist providing service.

Party Planner is the preferred booking agency of choice for many International artists hire ,artist on rent or artist on call and agencies for all aspects of their India tours. .