Birthday Games in London

Pick and choose your way to the perfect birthday with a selection of fun activities in Delhi & Gurgaon. You will be guaranteed a unique day and memories to share of getting that one year older.

What's Included

  • Over 100 games:
  • Annual Sports Day
  • Football
  • human foosball
  • Giant Inflatable Football Darts
  • Archery 
  • Turbo Cricket
  • Venues hire
  • IZndoor games
  • Outdoor games

 Birthdays are great for presents and celebrating with friends, our MegaMix in London gives you both.
The birthday person gets their place paid for in full and a bottle of the bubbly to celebrate.
Then you can choose 2 activities for less than £50, or three activities for £69

Choose from:
Sports Day - Relive your school days, bring back those memories of dodgy clothes and the haircut your mum gave you but come away with bragging rights after beating your mates at the games you used to love! We're talking egg 'n' spoon, the sack race, bean bag on head race, 3 legged race, hula hooping and many more.
Bubble Football - you're encased in a bubble that comes down to your knees, split into teams and provided with a referee. We organise fun games, forfeits and challenges. For those that prefer some argy bargy then the winner is the last one standing
Disco Dodgeball - Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive... how about a game of Dodgeball for your birthday party with a big retro music stamp!
Goggle Football - So think 5-aside football, then add binocular glasses to the mix and you have the craziest game of footie ever. These specially designed glasses make the ball either look 10 times further away from you or 10 times closer!
Giant Inflatable - teams compete against each other in the Bullseye TV Show style games of football darts on a giant inflatable. You have the chance to attach forfeits or prizes to the numbers on the dartsboard.
Battlezone Archery - Two teams of equal players face off across a purpose built field layout with inflatable obstacles and target cones. There are several objectives to the game. The scoring is very simple! You will get 30 points for an eliminated player and 50 points for a targeted cone.
Turbo Cricket - is a new form of cricket aimed at those groups looking at playing a short format of the English classic. The game is fast paced and fun and is perfect for that group looking for an event full of big hits. 6 a-side, 10 overs per innings game played on a reduced-size pitch and with a soft cricket ball so no protective gear needed!