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These days theme parties are getting more and more popular among kids and youngsters.

Choice of a specific theme relies upon one’s like and dislike. Considering this fact in thoughts we have given over hundreds of themes for a party in partysetups. However, some of the themes are very popular among kids and adults.

Some of them are a pokemon theme party, Minion theme party, Harry Potter theme party, Superhero theme party, Micky and Minion theme party, Moana theme party, Casino theme party and many more.

Our theme party planning is most popular in urban centers like Delhi, Faridabad, Gurgaon, and Noida.

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Boys Theme Party

birthday planner in delhi popular for birthday decoration & party setup in delhi


  • Pokémon Party
  • Harry Potter Party
  • Minion Party
  • Pirate Party
  • Superhero Party 
  • Modern Elephant Party
  • Angry Birds Party 
  • A Space Party 

Girls Theme Party

balloon decoration integral part of party setup


  • Rainbow’ Party
  • Fairy’ Party
  • Jewellery’ Party
  • Circus’ Party
  • bubleParty
  • Finding Dory’ Party
  • Shimmery’ Party
  • Minion’ Party 

Theme For Adults

birthday party setup elegant service in theme party planning


  • 20s Party
  • 80s Party
  • Animal party
  • Beach Party
  • Cactus party
  • Carnival party
  • Casino party
  • Fiesta part

Party For Old Age

jungle theme party setup is a most favourate  kids  in delhi

  • Suburbs Mama 
  • Circus Soiree
  • Crystal Satriano  
  • Construction Spree 
  • Mermaid Merriment 
  • Dinosaur  Party Pieces 
  • Garden Gala 
  • The Cottage Mama
  • Art-y Party. Glorious 
  • Treats 

Mix Theme Party

mickey theme party setup play important role in kiids theme party decorations in delhi


  • Carnival Fun
  • Parisian Getaway
  • 80s,50s,60s
  •  Bash Sports
  • Farm Festivity
  • Rainbow Celebration
  • Beach Bash
  • Cocktail Reception
  •  Fashion Show
  • Marriage anniversary 

kids Theme Party

birthday balloon gates is important in birthday theme  party decoration


  • Wonder Woman 
  • Jurassic World Party 
  • Floral Birthday Parties 
  • Gnome Party 
  • Trampoline Park Party 
  • Superhero Party 
  • Cars Party 
  • Alies in wonderland 
  • Pokémon
  • Star Wars 



Our fantastic birthday party planners team specialists in making conspicuous and memorable birthday celebrations that you will keep in mind for a period. Designing your baby’s first birthday themes birthday themes in Delhi cool summer pool party, sixteenth celebration, 50s celebration, 70s celebration etc.
Our well trained party designer and planners will handle every and each part, recent cocktails, delicious catering, photography, videographer, entertainments, game activities, return gifts that may take your party at an another level. Our team perpetually works to boost venue details, decoration and entertainment to serve you highest quality. Every detail for your party will work out during a unique way to create your birthday celebration memorable!
If you're trying to find a birthday party: 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th birthday – with a wonderful and superb party decoration then our team planners will be happy to assist you. Birthday Planner wonderful service and team work & party setUps us aside from the rest. With us you will set up the most effective ever party you have ever seen! Call us today; we can create your birthday party ideas special.

birthday planner bouncee play vital role in any kidas birthday party

Boys Birthday Party Setups


We birthday panners & its party setups are the best theme party providers with loads of themes party ideas for specific age business.
We have unique themes for boys who love cricket, cartoons, superheroes and many more. A number of them are pirate theme party, superhero theme party, Tom and Jerry theme party, Micky mouse theme party, Harry Potter theme party and many extra interesting themes. You must check our birthday theme collection list which is performed via our theme party planners. We are a crew having pleasant birthday party ideas for kids in the whole of Delhi, NCR, Gurgaon, and Faridabad. We birthday party planners in delhi additionally provide cakes and desserts according to the theme that is selected by means of the customer.
Besides these, we offer the best balloon decoration, caterers, delicious cakes, music, light decoration.

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Girls Birthday Party Setups

 Girls are all sugarary, spicey, and everything nice that the best way to celebrate their 1st birthday is by throwing a sweet and decorated birthday themes  Let your little princess have all the beautiful pastel colours, lace and flowers, and lots of sparkles at her party. we've got a stunning and wonderful collection of themes for your little girls. Themes like Candyland, Disney, Finding Dory, little mermaid, Princess, Unicorn, Cinderella, Tinkerbell, Alice in wonderland, Frozen, Minnie, Barbie theme and lots of additional can attract all of your guests. we have a tendency to also provide party favours and goodie bags for everybody.  Birthday party only of additionly of only of additionly of only of additionly of additionlyaddiadditionlyaddionlytheme and only of additionly of birthday party ideas birthday themes in Delhi for children but also for the adults. we've the proper themes for any age or gender. there's no age limit for celebrating a birthday. In fact, adult birthday parties are just as rocking and exciting as a kid’s birthday celebration. we also have themes for adult’s birthday parties- Casino theme, Pool party theme, Sunshine theme, Retro theme, Bollywood-Hollywood theme, Super-Hero theme and lots of additional Birthday themes | Theme party planner | Party setups | Balloon Decorator In Delhi Ncrt in New Delhi India's leading kids Birthday Theme Party planner |  partysetups |  Artist | Tatoo Maker | Game Coordinater | Celebrate Birthday With Us in Gurugram India's leading kids Birthday Theme Party planner |  partysetups |  Artist | Tatoo Maker | Game Coordinater | Celebrate Birthday With Us in Faridabad birthday party decorations Birthday party in Faridabad 

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